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    Kiko Mining is a cryptocurrency cloud mining platform, we have advanced mining cryptocurrency equipment, site, maintenance facilities, we have cheap clean electricity energy, if you want cryptocurrency mining, we are a good choice, Mining cryptocurrencies without any equipment, and $10 has been given out to every new user.


We provide the best services to our miners, be connected with us, and get profited.


24/7 Support

We are ready to answer all your questions and advise you 24/7. Feel free to reach us anytime.


Instant Connect

Our team of experts always available and feels happy to help you. Please mail if you have issue


Easy Withdrawal

Our withdrawal process takes only 24 hours. We are highly transparent about transactions.


Detailed Statistics

We make detailed statistics of your transaction, also you will get all the mining logs.


Cloud Mining

We provide the best cloud mining service and give rewards to our miners on a daily basis.


Data Protection

We constantly work on improving our system and the level of our security to minimize any risks.

About Kiko Mining

Kiko Mining is one of the leading hashpower providers in the world, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range - for newcomers, interested home miners, as well as large scale investors.

Our mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone.

How Does Cloud Mining Works?


You Register on Kiko Mining

Choose Hashpower and Upgrade

The Mining Process Begins

Receive Daily Your Mined Bitcoins

WHY CHOOSE Kiko Mining?

We are combining all the key aspects of conducting an efficient cryptocurrency mining activity. From building a highly efficient data center to providing a robust mining system for our users.


As we run our business in 100+ countries we have a multilingual feature in your system.

Secure And Private

We support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, so we try to keep the collected user data to a minimum

Easy Payment System

We have 20+ payment methods in our system. You can easily complete your payment.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our system dashboard contains all your crypto mining data and charts.

Daily Mining Output

Our system will automatically add your daily mining results to your account. Also, you are able to withdraw that amount.

Robust Mining Technology

Our system will automatically add your daily mining results to your account. In addition, you can withdraw the amount.

Ready To Start Your Mining

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